OK time for a rant! This will be about those people (all of us have met them one way or another) who are posers and fakes propagating nonsense and lies.


Hekate made it VERY clear even before the dedication that part of my ‘duties’ will be correcting misconceptions regarding Her and make sure people learn about Her and for Her from the right sources (be them people or books or websites). Part of that is ‘checking’ whether other people claiming to be Her followers are really what they claim (and by the same token, I’m only too happy to be ‘checked’ in return!). There are many ways to do so. Basic questions regarding Hekate are one way. Questions regarding years of experience and/or possible training is another (in other words: qualifications). Observing the individual’s in question claims, statements, how they say what they say and in real life, whether they “walk their talk” or not.


Well, I ‘faced’ (in chat) a poser and fake some time ago.. He claimed he was a devotee of Hekate for x number of years (I cannot recall the exact number but I do remember it was quite grandiose). OK… Proof time! I asked him if it would be ok with him to make a couple of questions. He was fine with that. I proceeded to ask him to tell me some of the basic aspects of Hekate. Pretty basic and noob question if you ask me. His first response was “She has so many I can’t pick which are basic!”. Ouch there.. First alarming sign. Anywhere you look, be it the web or a book, Hekate is described briefly through a few of Her aspects. Now, I am aware that these vary BUT most are similar: witchcraft, night, crossroads, initiation, the dead. Pretty basic stuff. I asked again and prompted him to just pick the most common ones (I mean.. I didn’t ask to be told whether She is the Keeper of Secrets and Cosmic Soul for crying out loud!). He was correct on SOME. I don’t know about you, my readers, but I don’t think that child-nurturing or fertility are Her most well-known and basic aspects…. Anyway.


I asked him other questions regarding Hekate, his service to Her etc. He told me that he “will answer no more questions” from me in a passive-agressive tone. Alarming sign here too. Hekate is a Goddess of Revealing, among other things, and us, Her Torchbearing Followers, SHOULD be open to questions and sharing. I told him that and what did I get in response? That I should not anger Her by pestering Her followers. Riiiiiiiight… That and some other things he accused me/told me in a rude manner made me lose it a bit.. That ended up with me going all “god-mode” (i.e. the not-so-pretty flaunting of qualifications and statements and backing up in an agressive and powerful manner) on him. He started cussing and yelling (i.e. all CAPS) and he got himself banned from chat. Until the ban kicked in (damn ning glitches) he kept insulting me and everyone else present, rambling on how Her wrath would descend upon me and how I knew nothing about Her. Well, I guess cornered animals become desperately ferocious until they fall.


This incident made me think a bit. How many fakers are out there? How many people are swayed and twisted by people like him or worse? How difficult is my task in reality?


I’d answer all these questions with “a lot/very much”. That’s fine though. I am in Her service. I should perform my duties in the best of my ability.


However, I’m not going to go easy on those who dare taint Her name.