This was a very short experience but also tremendously moving for me. Here we go:


The other night, I was contemplating meditating since I couldn’t really sleep. So, I sat on the bed, back to the wall, put Dargaard’s Caverna Obscura  to help me relax (strong enough to block outer sounds but not enough to distract me) and closed my eyes. I should point out here that my eyes had adjusted to the dark room and I could faintly see the general shape of the furniture (I am also extremely short-sighted so I wouldn’t be able to see much with light on anyway).


I wanted to do something Hekate-focused. The ol’ Greenwood meditation didn’t appeal to me and I sure as hell didn’t want to go to Her Man in Black’s Crossroads anytime soon. Therefore, I improvised. I continually whispered Her name while relaxing my mind and allowing any spontaneous images or thoughts to emerge. I was dumbstruck when a very potent thought, clearly not mine and almost as clear as spoken word literally erupted in my mind: “Do you want to see Me?”


I froze. I am certain my face changed all types of colours. I couldn’t react, I just kept muttering Her name. And then another thought struck me: “Stop repeating my name, it’s annoying.” Ma’am, yes Ma’am. You simply comply with such a tone. I stopped whispering. Again, I was assaulted with another foreign thought: “Open your eyes.”


I did so. What I saw almost immediately and for about 5 seconds was a woman with long black hair, in what appeared as a white dress or chiton, standing in front of my library, about 6 feet away from me and a little to my left. She walked a bit further to my left, at the same distance and then she simply vanished. No shadow playing with my eyes. I saw a woman, clearly and certainly. My hand cupped my mouth which had fell open in a semi-hanging smile and my eyes were tearing up. For a long time, I wished I could see Her, even only as a glimpse. And there She was, fulfilling my desire. And in a time when I truly needed a strong sign that all was indeed right and I should not be wavering in my determination.


I saw Her and She was divine. Blessed be Great Hekate, I truly love you.

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